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Open Mic Signups (PorchFest) Now Open!

Doty Island's PorchFest is this Thursday at Smith Park from 5:30pm - 8:30pm. This year we added a NEW feature: SideHustle Productions is hosting Open Mic at the Smith Park Pavilion. Performers are encouraged to arrive early.

General Notes:

  • Please select a 15-minute slot from the sign up link. Performances start at 5:30pm and run until 8:30pm.

  • All performers will perform in the order they sign up. All slots are nominally 15 minutes long. Stay within the time limits.

  • Please sign up for ONE SLOT initially - the host will make an announcement when any remaining slots can be filled for a second act.

  • Any remaining slots open on the day of the event are first come; first served.

  • If some performers take lass time, then we will be able to have more performers. Once everyone has had a turn, performers may get a second time slot.

  • This is a family-friendly event. Please keep your act clean.

For those unfamiliar with Open Mic, here's a helpful website for both the performers and the spectators:


If you have issues signing up using this form, email us at


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