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Destination: Labyrinth on the Lake

Maybe you've heard the proverb, "When you pray, let your feet move"? There's a local labyrinth you should go check out! The Congregational United Church of Christ (1511 Nicolet Blvd.,Neenah) offers a public outdoor labyrinth for those who seek to use it. A labyrinth is an ancient tool used for prayer and meditation. It consists of a winding path that begins at the periphery and leads to a central space and out again by the same path. It can be used in silence or with music.

Labyrinths differ from mazes in that there are no blind alleys or dead ends. A labyrinth is not a puzzle to be solved. You cannot get “lost” or make a mistake because there are no choices to make once you have decided to start walking. Simply follow the path – you will always end up in the center and back at the entrance.

The labyrinth is located on the western portion of the church property, on the corner of Kittiver Court and Nicolet Boulevard. In this time of uncertainty and stress, it might be just the thing to release tension. All are welcome to walk its path, sit on the benches and enjoy the tranquility. May your “walk in the woods” will be blessed and nurturing.

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