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2017 Mike McKinnon Award

Jacy Park received the Doty Island Development Council's "Mike McKinnon" Award at DIDC's annual dinner on November 9, 2017. The award was presented by the entire Doty Island Council (see picture below) and guest speaker/founding DIDC Board Member Dale Counihan.

Dale Counihan began the presentation with the history of the award: The "Mike McKinnon 'Unsung Hero' Memorial Award" is named after a DIDC board member who was a Neenah Police Officer and a very active volunteer in the community. Friends and family often referred to him as an "unsung hero" because of his attitude. He was known for his big heart and willingness to help anyone in need. He wasn't looking for recognition, people to notice him or to receive awards for what he did. Mike McKinnon just did it because he was a genuinely nice person.

Kathy Peterson, DIDC's Secretary, read the following:

Whereas Jacy Park has served dutifully as President of the Doty Island Development Council for the past three years and whereas she has gone above and beyond the usual commitment expected of the President by:

1. Serving as writer, editor, distributor and making design improvements of the DIDC newsletter.

2. Spearheading island beautification projects at the end of Nicolet Boulevard and at the Racine Street Doty Island sign including lighting of the holiday tree.

3. Rejuvenating the Flower Planter and Planter Sponsorship Programs on Commercial Street.

4. Instituting a new social activity of a ballroom dance at the Smith Park Pavillion.

5. Working extensively with other groups planning neighborhood collaboration and Habitat for Humanity including partnering with Habitat's Rock the Block on Doty Island.

6. Improving communication by launching new web-site (with Pay-Pal capacity) posting ShoutOuts on Facebook and procuring Yard Signs for DIDC activities.

7. Commissioning, ordering, and assisting in the distribution of artists' rendition of Doty Island map to be sold as picture and notecards.

8. Procuring numerous grants for projects and donations of product from businesses.

We hearby grant "THE UNSUNG HERO" Mike McKinnon Memorial Award to Jacy Park.

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