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Night Skies at Barlow Planetarium

Circle June 8th on your calendar so you can come out and enjoy this outstanding program at Menasha’s very own Barlow Planetarium! Mr. Alan Peche and his team have put together a “brand new” two part program for our community to enjoy. He’ll begin the evening by speaking to the unique history of the Barlow Planetarium followed by a “lights out” celestial program with engaging narrative which explores our glorious Wisconsin Night Skies.

There’s limited seating for this event (only 90 seats) so signing up is a must; here’s how it works.

1.Call the Menasha Historical Society office at 920-840-4373 and leave the following information on the answering machine:

* Full Name

* Phone Number

* Number of Tickets you'd like

2.This event is FREE for Menasha Historical Society members and only $3.00 for community members who’d like to attend ($6.00 per ticket value!) Please bring exact change (CASH) for tickets the night of the event.

3.The Society will routinely check the answering machine and transfer names to a sign up list in the office. The night of the event, we’ll hand out tickets & collect CASH immediately as you enter the foyer of the building (MHS table will be set up) which will be collected as you enter the planetarium theater.

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