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Small Business Sales for Doty Island!

Imagine your neighborhood or city without any of its small, local businesses. What would be left? Let's take the time to appreciate our small businesses! This Saturday (Nov 26th) is Small Business Saturday.

We encourage you to stop by the following Small Businesses. Many of the retailers will have sales for you to take advantage of (make sure you tell them you saw this posting!), other businesses may not be open, but would appreciate your business.


Club Liquor 234 Main Street – Menasha

Dave Magruder, CPA 180 Main Street - Menasha

La Belle Maison 220 Main Street - Menasha

30% Off one Christmas Item with mention of THIS AD!

Good through this weekend only - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Hot Cider and Cookies

Renewed and Reclaimed 216 Main Street - Menasha

Wild Apple Gallery 210 Main Street - Menasha


Brazee’s ACE Hardware 516 N. Commercial– Neenah

Corr Opticians, Inc. 250 1st Street – Neenah

Doty Island Dental 151 E. Forest Ave - Neenah

Edward Jones 307 N. Commercial - Neenah

Kay’s Salon 314 N. Commercial – Neenah

Luigi’s Pizza 332 Ahnaip Street – Menasha

Mentz Orthodontics 151 E. Forest Ave – Neenah

Shellattes 330 N. Commercial – Neenah

All Guests will receive a free cookbook.

Plus we have other fun specials and treats.

Get caffeinated and hit the shops!

Vermicorp Organics (920) 575-5956


Melaleuca Renee Schmidt - (920) 427-8414

Anyone that becomes a Preferred Customer this month can do so for $1.

Black Friday deals going on now for Preferred Customers.

Natural Therapeutics Emily Ilg - (920) 720-3096

Stumps B Gone Brian Smith - (920) 359-0176

Tastefully Simple Jennifer Konitzer - (920) 279-1119

Small Business Saturday, a nationally recognized holiday (since 2011), is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It has now become a tradition – encouraging holiday shoppers to support local brick-and-mortar businesses rather than big box brands or online-only stores.

Originally conceived and promoted by American Express back in 2010, Small Business Saturday last year alone attracted more than 88 million people to “shop small.” But what exactly are the benefits of shopping small, and why should you do it on Small Business Saturday, and every day? Here are some huge reasons:

1. Small businesses give back (more) to your community

When you support a local business, you’re also supporting Neenah, Menasha, and Doty Island!

Businesses pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in. The tax money paid is used to support public schools, parks, roads, and sidewalks as well as fund public service workers - like firemen. By purchasing at a big box store, that money is not benefiting your community at all.

2. Small businesses make a major economic impact

The more you shop at a local store, the more potential job opportunities you could help them provide. More than half of the U.S.’s jobs since 1995 were created by small businesses.

3. Small businesses provide better customer service

Small business owners strive to survive and one of the biggest advantages they have over large retailers is the ability to provide more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service.

4. Small businesses provide greater access to product diversity

Small businesses have just as much access to vendors as big box businesses. If a small business doesn’t have the products you want or need, ask them – they’re also usually much more receptive and willing to order them for you.

5. Small businesses create a sense of community

You’re much more likely to get to know a small business owner in your neighborhood.

6. You’re going to feel good

Would you rather feel the pang of guilt buying a lifeless burger at McDonalds, or be entirely satisfied with your delicious pizza from Luigi's? Become more involved in the small business movement! Shop small, of course! And not just on Small Business Saturday, but every day that you can.

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