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Volunteers Needed - July 30th, 8am!

Are you interested in helping to beautify the beachfront at the end of Nicolet Boulevard? Come join us on Saturday, July 30th at 8am for a few hours (this is NOT an all-day project!). We will be removing the rose buses and replacing them with pink hydrangeas and colorful perennials! Please bring your shovels, gloves, and pruners (if you have any). DIDC will bring breakfast and cold drinks. The City of Neenah will drop off a load of compost and mulch. If you want to join us, please call/text Jacy Park at (920)479-0894 or email We hope to see you there!

On a side note, the cities of Neenah and Menasha are working together to trim the two large trees and replace the undergrowth with grass to give better visibility of the water. With your help, this area will be back to beautiful!

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