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What's your Favorite Memory?

Help! We need your memories...! Do you have any memories of Roosevelt School you'd like to share? We are looking for short memories (just a few sentences each) to add to our newsletter - you could've been a student, a teacher, an employee, a parent... anyone. We are looking for recollections from multiple generations and viewpoints. Email us at DOTYISLAND@GMAIL.COM or call/text Jacy at 920-479-0894.

Maybe it's a short blurb about your favorite teacher? Or your most embarrassing moment. I have one of those. Ms. Blair allowed me and my friends to perform the Doors "Come on Baby, Light my Fire" infront of the class... instead of Fire, we had substituted the word "Twinkie". That Ms. Blair. She was strict, but she also knew when to have a good time. So, what's your fond memory of Roosevelt School?

Our newsletter goes to print at the end of this week so please don't procrastinate! Thank you for your help with this newsletter piece.


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