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DIDC Donates to Youth Go

Every year the Doty Island Development Council (DIDC) chooses a charity for their Mowry's Table Fundraiser. In 2022, the board choose Youth Go as the recipient. We collected $1,043 from the community and we matched $1,000.

On Tuesday, January 24th, DIDC Board Members presented a check for $2,043 to Kelly Hicks, the Director of Youth Go. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the Mowry's Table Fundraiser. Stay tuned for our 2023 Fundraiser Recipient.

If you'd like to support our activities - including our events, community service and fundraisers, become a Doty Island Member. There's page on our website to explain the different levels of membership:

BELOW (Left to Right) are DIDC Board Members presenting the check to Youth Go: Mark Mayer, Kelly Hicks (Youth Go Director), Dani Rand, Ron Klatt. Taking the Picture: Scott Francis.


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