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New Disposal Cans for Doty Island

With Neenah residents upgrading their residence garbage cans to fit the new garbage trucks, Doty Island's public garbages also needed an upgrade. The Doty Island Development Council (DIDC) worked with Neenah's Public Works Department to replace some of the old stone garbage cans along Commercial Street with new cans that are compatible with Neenah's new garbage trucks.

Special THANK YOU to Gregory R. Radtke, Neenah's Public Works Superintendent, for working with DIDC to find a compatible waste container and being patient with us while we worked out the details.

Just a heads up, not all containers along Commercial Street will be replaced. The current waste containers were put in place almost 20 years ago! We've determined how many new waste containers to purchase based on current need (and how often the current cans are filled/emptied. Public works will be replacing five of the cans with the new style as weather and spare time permits.

If you have any questions about the new cans, feel free to reach out to us at our email:

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