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Doty Island's PorchaPolooza

Maybe you've already heard.... We are trying something new this year! With the success of the other PorchaPolooza events in Menasha, we thought we'd try one too! The events are great; they are only a couple hours long and you get to hear a wide variety of musicians/bands. So, if you don't like one type of music - keep walking!

The Doty Island Development Council worked with local businesses to sponsor NINE bands that will play in resident's front yards around Smith Park. To download your very own detailed map of the event, please go to our website:

Here's a little info on each of the bands:


The band has been together for about 3 years. However each member of the band has many years of experience playing with other musical groups. The common denominator is their love for classic country music. They have evolved primarily from the band called “The Foggy Valley Boyz”. Subsequent additions to the band have allowed them to play classic Pop, Folk, and ethnic music.


This garage band from Menasha won the honor to play at Summerfest! They mostly play rock music, the majority of it from the 80's & 90's rock era. They also play some newer pop music like Paramore and Evanescence.


Bobby and his brother Evil Evans have made music together for 41 years. They've played thousands (yes, thousands) of gigs from Summerfest to Lambeau Field to Octoberfest, Waterfest, Walleyefest to barns, garages, to dive bars, biker bars and backyards.


The Rusty Nails is Steve Heiner and Ben Lilllge, 2 musicians whose aim is the maintenance and preservation of the great American art form known as the Blues. With a focus on acoustic blues, their repertoire includes songs from the 1930’s through to more contemporary material. The original artists the duo covers includes Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Howlin Wolf, Reverend Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy, and many more.


Personable and always family-friendly, the Elvis tribute show is packed with energy and audience interaction because it's about providing you and your guests with a fun and memorable time. John Hardginski is an Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) or you can say "Elvis impersonator" if you like. Either way, he is an Elvis fan for sure! He have won three contests, been a top finalist in a few others, and done over 250 programs!


Izzy is an 11-year old from Menasha that loves to sing along with her ukulele. She has played only one other time publicly (Aunt Esthers and Brew Mill - Menasha) and is very excited to continue the opportunity to play and sing publicly. Come see this talented girl!


Shaun Marie and Sam Luna are a duet project out of Appleton. They enjoy sharing their original music and offer a variety of music styles.


Adria Ramos and her son, Solon, will be playing original indie acoustic in which they share stories through words, rhythm and melody. The jazz violin and piano will round out the show for a truly unique experience.


Appleton Rock School offers different programs to help young singers and performers improve. They have a Vocal Group Performance Program (ages 8-11) and Live Band Performance Program (ages 8-18) which offers the youth the opportunity to perform real concerts with a live band.

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