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Roosevelt's Future

Many of our residents have been asking, "What is the future for Roosevelt School?" Honestly, we don't know, but if you have a strong opinion of the School District's outcome, we encourage you to become educated and involved in the Board of Education's public meetings. If you don't know what's going on, here's a little background.

The Neenah Joint School District's (NJSD) Board of Education has been reviewing the results of a facilities study and a parent/staff survey completed over the last year by Bray Architects. The NJSD's website has links to the 9-page survey summary, results of the Parent Survey and results of the Teacher's Survey. Here's a link:

Bray Architects has proposed three potential "paths" for the structure of the schools with Plan #2 and Plan #3 closing Roosevelt School and busing the students to Wilson School. You can read a copy of the "Potential Master Plan Options" at the NJSD's website or click here:

Meetings are being held to review the study and discuss next steps - including cost, structure and how the changes will affect the students. Three of the meetings have already been held. Meeting notes from each of the meetings can be found on the NJSD's website (click on the first link in this article).

The next public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 5th at 5pm at the Shattuck Auditorium (Neenah), however, Board President Michelle Swardenski cautioned that it will not be a decision-making meeting and several more meetings will follow.

The agenda for the April 5th meeting will include:

1. Discussion of the results of the population survey. The District has hired an outside firm to conduct a population study to review anticipated future population trends in each area with the District boundaries.

2. Discussion of the Board's values and priorities for the future of the District.

3. Discussion of the next steps in this process.

If you would like to provide input about the facilities study, please use the following link to get to the survey:

There are many ways you can get involved in your community's future. Being involved and voicing your opinion is a good start.

good start.

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