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Mowry's Table Donation

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this year's fundraising event: Loop the Lake Trestle Trail! The Doty Island Council presented a check to Future Neenah for a total of $2,186.00. The majority of the money came from YOU - Islanders that want to help improve our neighborhood!

When discussing 2017's Mowry's Table fundraiser, the DIDC board members (your neighbors!) wanted to help Neenah and Menasha complete the Trestle Trail through Doty Island. Donation collections were first announced in the September Doty Island newsletter and on our Facebook page. We "passed the hat" at the Doty Island Annual Dinner held the first week in November and continued collecting until last week when we presented the check to Future Neenah. DIDC matched the first $500.

Every year the DIDC hosts a Mowry's Table fundraiser. DIDC established Mowry's Table in 2013, named after long-term resident Mowry Smith, Jr. This annual fundraiser provides an opportunity to continue Mowry's legacy for all those who share his commitment to making Doty Island a better place to live and work.

Thank you for your contributions!

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