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Before Pictures of 333 Lopas Street

If you haven't had the opportunity to volunteer your time working on a Habitat re-build or Rock the Block, we highly recommend it!

Last Thursday, six members of the Doty Island Development Council volunteered their time at the 333 Lopas Street re-build from 7:45am-4:00pm. You can see our team pictures on our Facebook Page (Doty Island Development Council). None of us had volunteered before, but the staff, and the future owner of the home, were very patient with explaining what needed to be done.

Every home has its story, and if you are familiar with this house, it also had a strong history in the neighborhood. Personally, I wasn't familiar with the previous owner, but many of the long-term residents of our council knew the owner and the house's reputation. One comment by a council member was, "I knew something was going on with the house when the garage door was closed." Apparently, it hadn't been closed in many, many years.

Habitat is a wonderful organization! They emptied the home, cleaned it (to the best of their ability), and found a future owner. If you would like to learn how you can volunteer your time, please go to To see additional "before" pictures of the Lopas home, visit Fox Cities Habitat Facebook Page:

Be sure to "Like" them and support their involvement in your community!

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