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Sponsor a Doty Planter!

Do you finally have spring fever? We have a solution! We have 5 planters still available for sponsorship only until May 12th. We have two levels: LEVEL 1: Donate $30 and YOU provide your own plants by Memorial Day Weekend. We will take care of the watering and weeding. LEVEL 2: Donate $55 and we provide EVERYTHING. For both levels, DIDC provides a Sponsor sign in the planter. You tell us what you want on your sign. For instance, "In Memory of....", "The Smith Family", etc. The sign will be added to your planter for everyone to see!

For a list of OPEN planters and/or to Sponsor a planter, please see our website

If you have any questions, please call Jacy Park at (920) 479-0894 or email us at

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