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Sponsoring a Planter!

Do you want to help beautify Commercial Street? Every year we offer residents and businesses sponsorship of a planter along Commercial Street. The Sponsor receives a sign in the planter to communicate who is helping our community! It's only $30 or $50 depending on how you want to contribute!

The $30 Tier - YOU add your own plants by Memorial Day weekend. We will take care of them all summer; weed pulling and watering.

The $50 Tier - WE add the plants and we take care of them all summer. ACE Hardware works with DIDC to help fill these planters with healthy plants.

To see what planters are available to sponsor, visit our website at If you want to sponsor a planter you can either pay through the website's PayPal button or if you prefer, you can arrange to drop off cash or a check to our DIDC President, Jacy Park (call her at 920-479-0894).

Thank you for helping improve our community!

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