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FREE Yoga Tonight!

What are YOU doing at 7pm tonight? How about a free yoga class? If you haven't tried yoga before, this is the time! Fox Valley School of Massage, Yoga, Personal Training & Wellness is offering a FREE - (LIVE) Gentle Yoga Class tonight (Sat, March 28) at 7pm for one hour. Join us tonight - feel free to share with your family & friends. No special equipment is need and you can use a chair instead of getting on the floor if you prefer.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Floor mat (cushioning), Block (Box of kleenex works), and Strap (use a tie or a belt). All classes will be using Webex. If you need help, go to: Here's the information for tonight's class: CLICK HERE for the meeting link. Or copy/paste this address:

Meeting number: 627 999 181

Password: Ps3GppgHc94

This will not be our last free class during the quarantine. We will be offering wellness classes periodically throughout the weeks to come. Subscribe to us so that we can send you upcoming links to join us! Visit our website at: Email: Instagram @FoxValleySchoolofMassage

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