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Sponsor a Flower Planter!

Do you remember the gorgeous flower pots that lined Commercial Street last year? Here's your opportunity to sponsor one of those pots! Last month, the sponsors from last year had "first dibs". The remaining flower planters are first come; first served! For your $30 or $50 donation, you will receive your very own cared-for flower pot. For the $50 Sponsor, we will do everything from fertilization, adding the plants, watering, and removing the plants in the fall. For the $30 we still do everything EXCEPT you add your own plants.

This is your opportunity to personally improve the image of your neighborhood and community. DIDC works with Vermicorp and ACE Hardware to ensure quality food and plants for our planters. WG, Doty Island's print services business, creates signage for EACH planter to let everyone know YOU are the sponsor. In some cases, the sponsor donates in memory of a loved one or in a friend's or colleague's name. You just let us know!

Doty Island's website is updated to reflect the latest sponsors. Please go to to become a sponsor today. If you have any questions about the Doty Island Planter Sponsorship program, feel free to call Jacy Park (DIDC President) at 920-479-0894 or email Doty Island at

Sponsorship Poster!

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