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This Doty Island spring project is a team effort to get 24 planters ready in time for the Memorial Day Parade.


THANK YOU to our sponsors who are responsible for our beautiful flower boxes located along Commercial Street and E. Forest Avenue.


THANK YOU to DIDC board members who worked together to secure sponsors, lead volunteers, prepared planters and choose the plants at Ace Hardware.


THANK YOU to all our volunteers from the Congregational United Church of Christ (CUCC) who spent a whole morning with the DIDC team to place and plant all the flowers.


THANK YOU to our part-time seasonal employee Elise Springstroh, who is doing a great job maintaining the planters during the summer months, weeding, watering and fertilizing as needed.


And THANK YOU to our partners: Mike & Dallas Brazee (Brazee’s ACE Hardware), our source for anything planter-related and who also provide water for the planters for the entire summer, with Shelly & Ken Baeten (Shellates Coffee and tea) and Community First Credit Union.

Looking forward to working with all of you next year!


OUR NEXT PROJECT? The flower boxes are close to 20 years old and will need to be replaced in the next couple of years. The Doty Island Development Council is currently working on this project.

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